Who are you?

We are the ordinary people. We are the EU citizen, the US citizen, the Russian citizen, the Syrian refugee, the Afghani refugee, the Iranian citizen, the Somali, the Pakistani, the African American, the North Korean, the Uighur and the Chinese. We are the people on Earth who want to live together in peace with equal rights, respecting and not hating each other.

We are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Agnostic and Atheist. We are the people with no vested interests in natural resources, in weapon construction and politics. We are no contractors and represent no super-power in decline or emergent, no corporations and no secret society. We just want to live in a safe and peaceful world and are majority on Earth, only just uniting and realizing the power of our voice and will.

We are also fed up with the way things are. We want and can do better than this. We want it for us and owe it to the generations to come. We want a better way of organization, of exploitation of our planet’s resources and want to make sure everyone, including all species, are treated fairly and respectfully.

Who do you support?

There’s no conspiracy theory and no shadow power that we support. In fact, shadow forces and the people in power will feel threatened by our movement. Because when the majority of people become aware and adopt our principles, the few insofar powerful will lose power and may choose to retire or fight a futile battle until they become extinct.

How is change going to happen?

Representative democracy is the best system invented so far. It’s not perfect and if a better one emerges, we can review and adopt it in the future. But currently, change can only be done via fair elections in the countries which are based on democratic constitutions. In such countries, our movement will be represented by the local federation party. If people vote for it and becomes majority, the governments of the countries will then work together towards the transition to the Federation of Earth. The transition plan will be discussed and agreed in a universal pact. Countries which have not joined initially may do so when they are ready (and upvoted by their people).

What’s the role of Technology?

Technology plays a crucial role. The freedom of Internet is a pillar of our effort and needs to be ensured at any cost. That means that attempts to control it must be counteracted and resources and alliances must be formed to safeguard it. On a parallel work stream, we would explore the option of building a resilient network that would be able to operate in the event of a concerted attempt to control or bring down key Internet infrastructure. Also, some of the operation of the Federation of Earth can be automated. Consequently, we explore the use of notions such as DAOs and alternative blockchain-driven platforms that may allow us to delegate and automate parts of our operation, ensuring that fundamental principles cannot be manipulated and rules bent. Stay tuned on this subject and consider volunteering in our technology working group.